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Fan Film Follow-Ups: Star Ranger 7, Dark Knight, Mega Man

Fan Cinema Today covers a lot of fan films; some are awful while others are brilliant, but given the rate of turnover around here, sometimes even the more interesting efforts can wind up fading into distant memory. Every so often, we’ll realize, “Hey, whatever happened to that one?” Well, in the interests of both attempting [...]

Mega Man Fan Film Trailer Now Online

I briefly mentioned the upcoming Mega Man fan film a while back, and now its trailer has landed online. The short has made quite a splash, too, getting covered around the gaming blogosphere. I never played the game, so a lot of it is lost on me, but filmmaker Eddie Lebron has done a nice [...]

Fan Film News: Heroes, Potter, My Book, & More!

The “fan film speed news” format was so popular the other week (fan film news in two sentences or less) that here’s another batch of stories: • Not only is NBC’s Heroes a show for nerds (and I say that having never missed an episode, even at the depths of last season), it also stars [...]

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