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Star Trek Fan Films: Kirok of L’Stock Rocks

It may be a few months out of date now, but if you’re jonesing for some info and insight into the biggest and best-known Star Trek fan films, you should visit and download a great, free ebook, Five Fan Films. Australian mega-Trek fan Kirok of L’Stock has compiled the history of five fan productions, from 1992 to the end of 2007 (he created it as a present to his fellow fans for last Christmas).

In the 25-page tome, Kirok covers the genesis and ensuing ups and downs of fan faves like Star Wreck, Hidden Frontier, Starship Exeter, Intrepid and New Voyages/Phase II. Citing myriad reference sources, Kirok provides plot summaries, production details and engaging analysis, all of which creates a surprisingly quick read that gives you a nice overview of the ebbs and flows of this quite varied collection of fan productions. Looks like he’s planning to do a new one for this holiday season, too, so keep your eyes peeled for the 2008 edition.

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One Response to “Star Trek Fan Films: Kirok of L’Stock Rocks”

  1. Goodness! What can I say except … you’re right! (^v^) The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas is going to be an annual event, this year’s website is hosted TWERPs at and I’m still putting together the presents for Days 5, 6 & 10 (Star Trek fan films, audio dramas & fan games) which will be a review of 2008 in each category.

    Seriously, I’m glad you liked last year’s retrospective Clive, I hope you’ll find this year’s equally informative.


    Kirok of L’Stok

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