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The Hunt For Gollum Meets The Chip Kidd of Fan Films

In the book industry, you can tell if a publisher is really invested in making book a hit by a number of factors, but one of the most tell-tale signs is that it’ll spring to have Chip Kidd design the cover. In addition to his own novels and books, including co-producing the awesome Watching the [...]

Star Trek Fan Films: Kirok of L’Stock Rocks

It may be a few months out of date now, but if you’re jonesing for some info and insight into the biggest and best-known Star Trek fan films, you should visit ThunderDownUnder.org and download a great, free ebook, Five Fan Films. Australian mega-Trek fan Kirok of L’Stock has compiled the history of five fan productions, [...]

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier / Intrepid Crossover!

The teams behind the Star Trek fan series Hidden Frontier and Intrepid have joined forces for a massive feature-length epic, Operation Beta Shield, which debuted this week. Many Trek fan film fans still mourn the passing of HF, which ended its seven-year run in 2007, so this new production is being greeted with open arms [...]

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