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Indiana Jones Parody Fan Film Hits DVD

Just last week, I wrote about UK-based Backyard Productions when I covered its documentary, Fan Films: What Are They All About? Now I’m writing about BYP again, this time because its 2002 parody of Indiana Jones movies, Doom Raiders, is coming to DVD on November 10. I don’t mean that they’re burning a few copies on their laptop either—this is a retail DVD released by a professional outfit, Entain8.

The DVD will be widescreen in PAL format, and will only play on Region 2 DVD players; this means it won’t play in DVD players in the U.S. or Japan (they play NTSC format, not PAL), but most computers will play any region and any format without issue, so you’re not completely SOL (to use another acronym).

has it going for £9.74 while has it for £8.99. Play’s film summary describes it as:

The film is a parody based on all those classic action adventure films like The Mummy, The Jewel In The Nile and of course, the Indiana Jones Trilogy!

The Soul of the ancient tyrant Sevenseas has been inadvertently resurrected into the body of a local slave. Now, possessed by the evil soul, the slave has joined forces with the menacing General Hertz Van-Hyer to locate and join with his body. Once rejoined, Sevenseas and the General will have the ultimate power for world domination. Only Dr Bradley Stone and his friends can stop them. But who will find the body first?

Of course, the flick has been available online for some time, and can be found on TheForce.Net for free. Still, this is pretty cool—another fan film makes the leap to respectability!

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