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2008: The Year in Fan Film News


Ah, the last post of 2008—and what a year it was for fan films. Fan Cinema Today has been bringing you all the news since it sputtered back to life in April, and there’s been plenty to write about.

It was a year where fan films made tremendous strides forward in the public eye, with Sandy Collora jumping from Batman: Dead End to writing and directing his upcoming, heavily-buzzed feature film debut, Hunter Prey. But it was also  a year where the biggest fan film story in the mainstream media was Canadian filmmaker Mark Twitchell, who police accused of murdering an innocent man in a bizarre remake of his own amateur horror movie.

(And in an effort to be consistent, I’ll be wildly immodest and say that perhaps my book on the history and future of fan films, Homemade Hollywood, was kind of important, too. It JUST hit bookstore shelves, so go to Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target, Amazon or wherever and buy one to help feed a poor, starving blogger. PS: Thanks to Stuart Basinger for the wacky illustration above!).

Here, without further adieu, are the top fan film news stories of 2008:

New York Comic Con 2008 Fan Film Panel Wrap-Up

DC Comics Officially OKs Fan Films

Max Payne Fan Film Shot Down By Fox

Smart Take on Star Trek: Phase II Controversy

From Superman Fan Film To TV Personality

Batman: Dead End Director’s New Feature Film

Indiana Jones Templars Fan Film Teaser Hits

Son of Rambow

Ireland To Get Fan Film Show: Sweded TV

MGM Kills Historic James Bond Fan Film

More On Studios Stopping Fan Films

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men Finale

Shhh! Max Payne Fan Film Revived…sort of

Raiders: The Adaptation Team Heads Up River

Everything Old Is New Again

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Winners

How To Not Violate Copyrights With Your Fan Films

Jaw-Dropping Star Wars Fan Film Software

The Gremlins Are Back and Taking Over Fan Films

Troops Fan Film Action Figures at Toys-R-Us?

Homemade Hollywood’s First Review

Born of Hope: A LOTR Fan Film Reborn

Tomb Raider: Ascension Fan Film is a Hit

Who Killed Star Wars: The Dark Redemption?

OTW Debuts Fanlore & New Academic Journal

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier / Intrepid Crossover

James Bond Returns…in Moonraker ‘78

Indiana Jones Parody Fan Film Hits DVD

Star Wars: Dark Resurrection Nabs Fan Film Prize

Homemade Hollywood Gets io9 Rave Review

Star Wars Fan Film Director Arrested for Murder

Fan Film Murder Suspect Hits Court Wednesday

More On Mark Twitchell Fan Film Murder Case

Batman: Dead End Director’s Hunter Prey Peek

Homemade Hollywood Birth Announcement

Star Trek: Of Gods And Men Hits DVD

Fan Film Murder Suspect Mark Twitchell’s House of Cards Footage Released

FanEdit.Org Slammed By MPAA, Soldiers On

Upcoming Symposium on Fan Productions

Fan Film Pioneer Forrest Ackerman Passes

Classic Star Wars Fan Films on DVD For Free

Superman and Star Wars Lead To Star Ranger 7

Star Trek: Phase II’s ‘Blood & Fire’ To Debut

Homemade Bollywood Brings Relief In India

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