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Go Green With The Shamelessly She-Hulk Fan Film!

Fan filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist is making Shamelessly She-Hulk, an ambitious, feature-length fan film that sports not only Jennifer Walters (AKA She-Hulk), but also Spider-Man, The Punisher, Blade, Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Black Widow and even an animated Howard The Duck.

Batman: Dead End Director’s Hunter Prey Peek!

I know, I know—I said it was gonna be “all Marvel, all the time” this week, but that was before io9, the biggest Sci-Fi blog on the planet, dropped a bombshell on fan film lovers: the first major interview with Sandy Collora about his upcoming feature film debut, Hunter Prey. Collora, you may recall, was [...]

Captain America Throws His Mighty Fan Film

Even though Marvel Comics is the biggest comic book company around, the DC Comics characters get all the fan film attention. This week, FCT takes a look at some of the Marvel-based fan flicks that have been flying under the radar. Captain America has always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes [...]

Iron Man Feature Film Budget

Looking at the ol’ FCT webstats, dozens of people have stumbled across the site while trying to find out how much the just-opened Iron Man feature film cost to make. Rather than let you leave the site empty-handed, here: It’s reportedly $180 million. See? We aim to please. function change_color(input, id) { var obj = [...]

Iron Man Fan Film Interview, Part 2

Iron Man opens in theaters today amidst the biggest movie hype of the year so far, although I’m going to spend my time trying to find a theater showing another new release: Son Of Rambow, the UK indie flick about two kids making a fan film in the mid-80s (It’s getting reviews as glowing as [...]

Iron Man Fan Film Interview, Part 1

Yesterday, I posted about the Iron Man fan film that’s been making the rounds the last few months; today, here’s the first installment of a two-part interview with David Guivant, the man behind the buzz on the flick. Turns out it’s not his first fan film, nor his first one to gain some notoriety. But [...]

Iron Man Fan Film

Since the loooooong awaited Iron Man feature film is coming out in a few days, here’s something related: A lovely looking Iron Man fan film done as the intro credits to an imaginary TV show. I interviewed its creator, David Guivant, about it a while back for the fan film book and it didn’t make [...]

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