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New Paula Peril Flick Crystalizes on the Web

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As mentioned a few weeks ago, the latest fan film-inspired opus from Atlantis Studios, Paula Peril and the Mystery of the Crystal Falcon, hit the web last week.

What does “fan film-inspired” mean? Well, comic book creator James Watson was looking for a new way to publicize his character when realized that fan filmmakers were getting great results on miniscule budgets. Why not apply that kind of ultra-indie filmmaking to a sanctioned production? Working with Valerie Perez, who took on the Paula Peril role after her high-profile Lara Croft flick, Tomb Raider: Tears of the Dragon, they created 2007′s Trapped in the Flames (covered in my book, Homemade Hollywood), and now Crystal Falcon.

More photos and the trailer after the jump!

According to the filmmakers:

The Mystery of the Crystal Falcon‘ follows the adventures of Paula “Peril” Perillo, a sexy and determined investigative reporter who investigates the brazen theft of a strange artifact. She teams with photographer Jimmy Smith, but jealous rival reporter Veronica Vilancourt is also after the story, and all three soon uncover the perilous truth behind an ancient evil.

“This series is a deliberate throwback to 1940s mysteries and cliffhanger serials” said Watson, “and The Mystery of the Crystal Falcon is designed as an introduction to characters that until now have appeared only in the comics. We hope people will connect with the characters, and look forward to Paula’s next peril-filled adventure!”


In addition to Perez, the short stars Marla Malcolm (2001 Maniacs) and Ben Lamm (My Sixteenth Summer), and was directed by Savvy Lorestani. The short film, first in a new series of films based on the comic book, is for sale via the web, and on DVD starting in June.

While I haven’t seen it yet, the trailer looks good, and Trapped in the Flames, which was screened back at New York Comic Con 2007, showed a lot of promise. With that in mind, I expect Paula Peril and the Mystery of the Crystal Falcon is a lot of fun.

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