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Star Wars: Renaissance—Chile’s First Fan Film!

star wars renaissanceLast week, Fan Cinema Today discussed a Star Wars fan film from the United Arab Emirates; this week, we head to Chile for just-completed flick based on George Lucas’ creation: Star Wars: Renaissance.

A 30-minute short with more than 200 visual effects shots, the film was created entirely in Chile. Using their home computers and a video camera, members of the fan groups Estudio 19 and Droi-D produced the film over the course of three years without outside financing, although logistical support and permission to shoot in certain settings were provided by several local institutions and companies.

While fan filmmaking is a growing movement in some countries, it’s basically unheard of in places like Chile; as a result, the film’s production was covered by all the major newspapers in the country, leading up to its premiere at the fan convention, .

See the trailer after the jump!

Set between Episodes III and IV of the Star Wars saga, the film finds the Empire ruling with a iron fist. The Jedi are almost extinct, and the few who are left are being brutally hunted. Nevertheless, some resist, refusing to let centuries of tradition die. A notorious band of Jedi, “the Renaissance,” has eluded the Empire’s clutches, but with the Imperial forces closing in, a final battle on the industrial planet Fondor looms.

While the downloadable film isn’t in English, two files of subtitles are available that can be run in tandem with the DivX version in some video playback programs. Give it a try and see what you think—and share your thoughts below in the comments!

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