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Doctor Who 2009 Fan Film Trailer Debuts Online

doctor who 2009

A group of dedicated Doctor Who fans made a splash earlier this year when they announced an audacious plan to make a 13-episode Dr. Who fan film series, starting in mid-April with the first episode, “Fire and Ice.” That month came and went, but now the first trailer is online, and damn if it doesn’t look pretty good….

In addition, the filmmaking team has started a forum at the Doctor Who 2009 website—the first of a series of updates to the site that will include more trailers, promos and a members-only area. It’s also been noted that “a very special announcement about ‘Fire and Ice’ that no one knows yet…” will be made soon.

Finally, the filmmaking team is currently looking for more concept artists, 3D VFX artists, and matte painters; if you have the right skills and want to get involved, click the links there for more details about what writer/co-director Kenneth Dinkins is looking for to complete this fan film series.

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