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Doctor Who 2009 Fan Film Trailer Debuts Online

A group of dedicated Doctor Who fans made a splash earlier this year when they announced an audacious plan to make a 13-episode Dr. Who fan film series, starting in mid-April with the first episode, “Fire and Ice.” That month came and went, but now the first trailer is online, and damn if it doesn’t [...]

Homemade Hollywood Gets A High Five From SciFi

SciFi Channel is fun to watch, but I’ve always been partial to their magazine, the imaginitively titled SciFi Magazine: The Official Magazine of The SciFi Channel. Like many publications based primarily around movies and TV, it follows what’s hot at the moment, but it nonetheless keeps the fan’s point-of-view in mind, and always calls- a [...]

I’m Writing The First Fan Film Book!

The Good News: I’m starting work on the first ever book about fan films; it’ll be published by Continuum Publishing, and is tentatively titled Homemade Hollywood. The book will explore different aspects of fan flicks, from their rich history, to their sociological impact, to their implications for Big Media in the future. Plus, y’ know, [...]

News: Battlestar Galactica Fan Film Contest

Back when I was a kid, I gotta say, I hated ABC’s Battlestar Galactica. Glen A. Larsen’s paean to the success of Star Wars the year before reeked of rip-off, from the Colonial Fighters (X-Wings) to Baltar (Grand Moff Tarkin) to the Cylons (Darth Vader/Stormtroopers) to Starbuck (Han Solo) to Apollo (Luke Skywalker) to Adama [...]

Analysis: Too Much Of A Good Thing?

It’s been pointed out more than once that this site tends to feature shorter fan films—and it’s true. Short fan movies, running under 10-12 minutes, tend to be more fun, more memorable and generally better than their longer counterparts. This point of view runs against the prevailing wisdom about pretty much everything else in modern [...]

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