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Star Wars, Animorphs, Wolverine and Green Lantern: Fan Cinema Today’s Tweets of the Last Three Weeks

twitter mugIf you follow the , you already know that you get extra stories that don’t appear on the blog; everyone else is missing out on that extra fan film awesomeness.

On the other hand, I hate to see a good thing go to waste, so here’s some Tweets of the last three weeks (it’s been a while since I did a round-up like this). In the meantime, if you want to be in the know before everyone else, follow Fan Cinema Today on .

• X-Men Fan Film–Wolverine In 30 Seconds:

EZ-Chewie: A funny, gummy Star Wars Fan Film:

• Update on 77, feature film about the 1st Star Wars fan (a fan film maker!)

• RT @fanboytheatre FanFilmPodcast features Fan Film pioneer, Dr. Robbins Barstow this week!

Hunt For Gollum fan film got 1 million views in a week—WOW!

• Just saw Angels & Demons—it’s freakin’ Watchmen! Dan Brown owes Alan Moore a big paycheck

• Cool Star Wars CGI fan film, Lord Vader’s Trial, set in ROTJ:

• RT @ProSoundNews Jim Soundman’s new look is ugly—liked earlier one (still seen in title box) better:

Green Lantern fan edit trailer with Nathan Fillion:

• If you play Kingdom Hearts, you might dig this fan film trailer:

• Download Youtube HD videos in different formats:

• RT @deep_thought_ Laptop Hunters: Jennie (a NSFW spoof)

Fanboys DVD Review (out today)–movie based on a 1999 fan film script:

• Need to extract a section of a long video to share? Try

Star Wars MMO steals from never-made sequel to the fan film Broken Allegiance? You decide:

• Fan of the 1990s Animorphs book series for kids? Check out this fan film, The Questioning:

• RT @NeilKellen BATMAN Fan Film Casting Call

• Aggressively unfunny Ghostbusters fan film–GhostCops:

• I usually hate Microsoft, but I like Bing already: and I’m on page 3; do it on Bing and I’m 5th on page 1!

• Dr. Who DVD set to include fan film “Devious”–last appearance of Jon Pertwee as 3rd Dr. before he died.


• RT @schmoozequeen Win a chance to screen your fan film in Canadian Cinemas this Aug!

• RT @twotone Someone just proposed via the fan film contest. #botcon

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