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Spider-Man and Harley Quinn Under The Influence

Kansas City-based Influence Films is cranking out the fan films big time, having shot an unnamed Spider-Man fan film over Memorial Day weekend. Next up, a Carmen Sandiego (!) fan film is set to go before the cameras on June 6, and they’re thinking of making a GI Joe flick with no dialogue, just like Issue 21 of the comic book series.

Photos from the Spider-Man shoot have already turned up online—looks like fan-film journalist turned actor David Noble is playing Spidey in an action short featuring Kraven the Hunter and Mary Jane Watson. You can find more shots from the shoot here on the MySpace page of model/actress Victoria Cook.

And topping it all off, here’s one of those weird ideas that really make a solid argument for fan films—because this is the kind of thing you’d never see anywhere else! Influence Films’ next release will be Harley Quinn’s Big Blind Date, due out June 12th. The flick follows the Joker’s main squeeze on a night out with…well, watch the trailer and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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