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Michael Bay’s The Dark Knight Fan Film

MovieSpoofWeb fan film nightPhil Lybrand, the guy behind the ever-popular Batman Vs. Superman – A Duel To The Death short sent in cool news: The Art Institute of Tuscon is sponsoring a night of fan films where a few filmmakers are going to go home with cash money in their pockets.

The event is based around Tuscon’s recent edition of the 48-Hour Film Project—the annual, national event where people get a topic on Friday night and have until Sunday night to write, shoot, edit and screen a 4-7 minute masterpiece based on it.

This year, the topic was movie spoofs, and wouldn’t you know it? Lybrand, who’s made no less than three Batman fan films in the last year drew the Dark Knight out of a hat.

Even so, it was still a challenge: “This one had to be huge, so I referred to the master of huge—Michael Bay—and knocked this bad boy out: Michael Bay’s ‘The Dark Knight’, AKA 95 Pages of Brilliance. It’s based on the fake script that’s been circulating online that ‘Michael Bay’ wrote, unsolicited, only to be rejected by WB.”

Now you can see it and a plethora of other fan films in a three-hour orgy of movie spoofs:

The Loft Cinema
Tuesday, June 30th at 7:00 p.m.
Admission: $5.00
The adventure began on Friday, June 12th at 6:00 p.m., as 20 filmmaking teams gathered at The Loft Cinema to randomly select the classic movie title they would be spoofing. Was it JAWS? How about STAR WARS? Don’t forget SCARFACE, PULP FICTION, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, THE WIZARD OF OZ, FRIDAY THE 13TH, HARRY POTTER and THE GODFATHER! Or maybe a tasty helping of FORREST GUMP was on the menu …? What are the titles we threw into the ring? You’ll just need to show up to find out!
Our hard-working, fun-loving, sleep-deprived contestants had a mere 48 hours to complete their 4-6 minute long films and return them to The Loft by Sunday, June 14th at 6:00 p.m., or else they were forced to face a slow and painful death (actually, those who missed the deadline were just disqualified, but we’re trying to be dramatic here). Writing! Shooting! Editing! Costuming! It’s a lot to cram in to 48 hours … who survived, and what sorts of cinematic sorcery were they able to perform on their MOVIE SPOOFS? You know what you’ve got to do – come see the Spoofs!
A panel of movie-lovin’ celebrity judges selected their favorite spoofs from all the entries, giving the “thumbs up” to the best in writing, editing, cinematography and acting categories, as well as the much-coveted BEST OVERALL FILM SPOOF. At the public screening/awards extravaganza, we’ll screen all the movies, and the winning teams will will walk off with “Spoofie Awards.” But that’s not all! One lucky team will bank a cool $500 Cash Prize for creating the BEST OVERALL FILM SPOOF, and you, the audience, will decide who takes home the $250 Cash Prize for AUDIENCE FAVORITE, so watch the films carefully and use your powers wisely …
Don’t miss out on THE MOVIE SPOOF SPECTACULAR! … because this time, it’s personal.

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