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Go Green With The Shamelessly She-Hulk Fan Film!

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Has there ever been a comic book character as patently ridiculous as Stan Lee’s She-Hulk? Her very invention pays tribute to the folly of spin-offs, because there’s just no reason for her to exist except to make money. Luckily, somewhere along the line, the people writing her stories decided they couldn’t take her seriously either, and she became an amusing, all-too-self-aware character.

Now fan filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist is making Shamelessly She-Hulk, an ambitious, feature-length fan film that sports not only Jennifer Walters (AKA She-Hulk), but also Spider-Man, The Punisher, Blade, Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Black Widow and even an animated Howard The Duck—plus a shrink who’s THIS CLOSE to being Emma Thompson.


Gilchrist has made plenty of amateur flicks before, but he’s primarily known in underground circles for creating the greatest Star Wars documentary ever, Deleted Magic. This new flick is a work-in-progress, but interestingly, Gilchrist has been sharing the process, placing on YouTube. He explained to Fan Cinema Today:

These new clips are all rotoscope heavy; our heroine is green, and when she interacts with other actors, that means rotoscoping her skin, frame by frame, so that she can be turned green in post. This is akin to animation.


I often used to have to rotoscope every single frame, but with the help of Twixtor, a program that estimates motion, I now usually “only” have to draw every four frames, every two frames, or sometimes (rarely) every eight frames.

Can something this complicated, Quixotic and quirky work? Decide for yourself with the extended trailer below—and don’t forget to leave your opinions in the comment section!

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