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Star Wars: Renaissance—Chile’s First Fan Film!

Last week, Fan Cinema Today discussed a Star Wars fan film from the United Arab Emirates; this week, we head to Chile for just-completed flick based on George Lucas’ creation: Star Wars: Renaissance. A 30-minute short with more than 200 visual effects shots, the film was created entirely in Chile. Using their home computers and [...]

Star Wars: The Lost Jedi Found in United Arab Emirates

While the majority of fan films covered by FCT are made in the United States, it’s important to remember that this past-time is an international hobby. We’ve covered flicks from Australia, New Zealand, New Caldonia, England, and Canada, among others. Now you can add the UAE to that list. As reported in The National, a [...]

Star Wars: Dark Resurrection Nabs Fan Film Prize

Star Wars: Dark Resurrection, Part 1, an hour-long movie by Angelo Licata, took “Best Fan Film” at the Third Annual Tri-City Independent/Fan Film Festival, held in conjunction with Tri-City Comic Con (TC3) in Pasco, WA on October 11th, 2008. The 7,000-Euro, Italian fan production follows Jedi Master Sorran, who starts an obsessive quest for Eron, [...]

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