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The Entire Fan Film World in 4 Minutes!

Ever try to explain what a fan film is to someone? Ever watch them fall asleep in the process? Have I got a video for you! Few people can describe fan films in a way that’s entertaining; one outfit that recently got it right, however, is Australian radio station Triple J, whose Marc Fennell hosts [...]

2008: The Year in Fan Film News

Ah, the last post of 2008—and what a year it was for fan films. Fan Cinema Today has been bringing you all the news since it sputtered back to life in April, and there’s been plenty to write about. It was a year where fan films made tremendous strides forward in the public eye, with [...]

Son of Rambow Review

Son of Rambow—the indie movie about two pre-teen boys making a Rambo fan film in 1980s England—has been covered quite a bit on this blog, and it’s brought in about $524,000 to date, according to Variety. Well, $11.75 of that was my hard-earned money (yes, that’s what it costs to see a movie in New [...]

Bits and Pieces

• Son of Rambow is continuing to pick up speed; reports that the flick—which is about fan filmmaking in 1980s England—grossed $137,971 over the weekend, for a to-date total of $210,974 in the U.S. Paramount Vantage plans to expand the movie to between 75 and 90 theaters on Friday. • Be Kind Rewind—this year’s [...]

Son of Rambow Expands

Son of Rambow, the little movie that might, is on the move this weekend, spreading out from five to 36 theaters nationwide, as Paramount Vantage expands its release. In the meantime, here’s a nice article in the New York Sun that uses an interview with the director, Garth Jennings, as a jumping off point to [...]

Son of Rambow Opens Solid

Sure, FCT is all about amateur films, but we’ve been following Son of Rambow for over a year now (I wrote about it in one of this site’s very first posts). Since then, I’ve been waiting for its release so I could see it—and now that it debuted this past weekend, I still haven’t seen [...]

Analysis: Big Media Wants You

There’s the old cliché that if you chain a million monkeys to a million typewriters, eventually one of them is going to accidentally write Macbeth. Regardless of what Shakespeare’s ghost and PETA might think of this concept, the general idea applies well to the modern media age—not for the cliché’s original meaning, which was a [...]

Analysis: Fan Films and the Rule of Threes

Many journalists believe in the Rule of Threes: One thing happening by itself is an oddity, and two things that are alike taking place is a coincidence, but find three similar events occurring and suddenly you’ve got yourself a bonafide trend. Well, hold on folks, ’cause fan films are about to get trendy—which means Paris [...]

Fan Film Movie Rules Sundance Film Festival

Utah’s famed Sundance Film Festival is all about independent film–at least in theory–so it was all too apt that the indie movie with the biggest buzz there last week was all about making the ultimate kind of indie flick: a fan film. Son of Rambow generated so much attention, in fact, that U.S. distribution rights [...]

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