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5 Free Online Screenwriting Programs

I owe both my books (the illustrious Homemade Hollywood and Crank It Up) to the fact that I won Script Magazine‘s screenwriting contest a few years ago. After the winners were announced, I was contacted by a few Hollwyood agents who wanted to read the screenplay, and the unanimous reaction was “Looove it—when you moving [...]

The Fan Film Book Gets Final Edits

So I wrote this book about the history and future of fan films, called Homemade Hollywood. You may have noticed the cover over there on the right; it looks cool, but unfortunately, the stuff on the inside isn’t done yet. I mean, it’s written and all laid out, but Continuum Books isn’t releasing it until [...]


I believe it was the noted philosopher Tom Petty who once opined, “The waiiiiiiiiting is the hardest part,” and no truer words were ever spoken (other than “the check is in the mail.” ‘Cause it is. I swear it. Honest. April fools!). Where was I? Oh yeah, the waiting. See, although I finished the writing [...]

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