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2008: The Year In Star Wars Fan Films

fctBoy, the year just flew by, didn’t it? In April, Fan Cinema Today came back to life after a year in slumber, and it’s been a 5-days-a-week postathon every since. This week, FCT is taking a look at some of the bigger stories it covered throughout the year, and since people make fan films about Star Wars more than any other franchise, that’s the best place to start—with a chronological rundown of almost all the FCT stories related to A Galaxy Far, Far Away™ that ran in 2008.

Two quick things before we jump into the Star Wars fan film headlines of 2008:

First, make sure to see FCT‘s Happy New Year’s video, which shows what the big night is like at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Second, if you like Star Wars fan films, take a minute to check out my new book on the history and future of fan flicks—Homemade Hollywood. It has all the behind-the-scenes dirt on the most famous Star Wars fan films ever:

Hardware Wars—Lucas says it’s his favorite parody; its creator says Lucas is lying!
Troops—Inside the most popular fan film ever!
George Lucas In Love—How its director jumped to making Hollywood films!
Revelations—Why did newlyweds spend $20,000 on a non-profit movie?
Pink Five—How “Stacey” became part of the official Star Wars canon!

You’ll also get insights into plenty of other famous fan movies, like:

Star Trek: New Voyages—Why did they spend $100,000 on their Bridge set?
Raiders: The Adaptation—Spielberg’s mind was blown by three teens’ VHS movie!
Batman: Dead End—The Batman/Alien/Predator film that rocked Hollywood!
The Green Goblin’s Last Stand—Who would swing off a building for a Spider-Man fan film?

All these stories and far more are in the book, which traces fan films from the 1920s, when con men made fake Little Rascals movies, to the incredible fan works of today. Homemade Hollywood is available at major bookstores everywhere, and also at Amazon, where it’s getting rave reviews.

And now the headlines:

Trey Stokes’ Fan Filmmaking Advice

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Returns

Is The Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Sexist?

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Pre-Game, Part 1

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Pre-Game, Part 2

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Winners

Aussie Star Wars Fan Film Suburban Knights

The Greatest Star Wars Fan Film Set Ever

Jaw-Dropping Star Wars Fan Film Software!

Star Wars Fan Film Updates Make It Happen

Admiral Motti To Make A Star Wars Fan Film?

Troops Fan Film Action Figures at Toys-R-Us?

Star Wars Fan Film Newsbites

Hey, Lego My Movie! Brickfilms Invade Fan Films

Star Wars Fan Film Imperial Chopper Rides Again

Who Killed Star Wars: The Dark Redemption?

Dive Deep Into Fan Film Documentaries

Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Cribs Style

Star Wars: Dark Resurrection Nabs Fan Film Prize

Star Wars Fan Film Director Arrested for Murder

Star Wars Tales: An Animated Anthology

Why Guns n’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy album is the Phantom Menace of Rock

Star Wars Fan Film on a US Navy Missile Cruiser

Classic Star Wars Fan Films on DVD For Free!

Diving Into The Force Among Us

Superman and Star Wars Lead To Star Ranger 7!

Troops Auteur Kevin Rubio on Force-Cast

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