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FCT Roadtrip Report: New England Fan Experience

It’s almost midnight as I write this—I just got in from hours of driving and haven’t unpacked yet, so it’s short one today. I hit the New England Fan Experience in Cambridge, MA over the weekend to both show tons of fan films during two separate programs and introduce my brand-new masterpiece humble tome, Homemade [...]

Analysis: Big Media Wants You

There’s the old cliché that if you chain a million monkeys to a million typewriters, eventually one of them is going to accidentally write Macbeth. Regardless of what Shakespeare’s ghost and PETA might think of this concept, the general idea applies well to the modern media age—not for the cliché’s original meaning, which was a [...]

News: Battlestar Galactica Fan Film Contest

Back when I was a kid, I gotta say, I hated ABC’s Battlestar Galactica. Glen A. Larsen’s paean to the success of Star Wars the year before reeked of rip-off, from the Colonial Fighters (X-Wings) to Baltar (Grand Moff Tarkin) to the Cylons (Darth Vader/Stormtroopers) to Starbuck (Han Solo) to Apollo (Luke Skywalker) to Adama [...]

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