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Classic Star Wars Fan Films on DVD For Free!

star-wars-fan-filmsA decade ago, internet video was a complete disaster;  you could spend days downloading a 5-minute video the size of a postage stamp, only to have it stutter along when you finally played the movie on your computer. Those days are thankfully gone, but the desire to watch a fan film in high-quality video on a TV screen remains. In fact, that desire can sometimes make people break the law.

Any time you go to a comic book or pop culture convention, there’s a guy in the corner with a table full of bootleg DVDs, selling Star Trek blooper reels or Journeyman, and always he has a row of fan film discs for sale. Inevitably, the Sith martial arts extravaganza, Star Wars: Conflict of Evil, is playing on his tiny TV set, and man, it looks good. So good, in fact, that who knows? You might be inspired to blow 20 bucks on an illegal disc from the vendor.

Don’t waste your money! Visit the simply titled Star Wars Fan Films instead.

I’ve written about the site before, and found it to be a promising, if bare-bones, source of fan flicks. Since then, site proprietor KuatEngineer has put a lot of time into his pet project, mainly in the form of adding dozens of Star Wars fan productions. Sweetening the pot, however, some of the downloads available are complete DVD versions—save ‘em to your computer, burn ‘em to disc, print out the DVD box covers (also on the site) and you’re ready to show off at your next geek movie night. Check out this sweet list of burnable fan film DVD images available on the site:

Broken Allegiance
Contract of Evil
The Dark Redemption
Imperial Chopper (Director’s Cut)
The Planet With No Name
Reign of the Fallen
(which is covered extensively in my book, Homemade Hollywood)
Ryan Vs. Dorkman 1 and 2

Even if none of these float your boat, keep in mind that there’s still dozens of popular Star Wars fan flicks from all over the world, ranging from animation to comedy to drama to the ever-popular “lightsaber fight in the woods.” Go check it out—even if you don’t burn any of these flicks to DVD, you’re bound to find a few fan films you’ve never heard of before, and that’s definitely worth the price of admission.

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