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Homemade Hollywood Gets A High Five From SciFi

SciFi Channel is fun to watch, but I’ve always been partial to their magazine, the imaginitively titled SciFi Magazine: The Official Magazine of The SciFi Channel. Like many publications based primarily around movies and TV, it follows what’s hot at the moment, but it nonetheless keeps the fan’s point-of-view in mind, and always calls- a [...]

News: Battlestar Galactica Fan Film Contest

Back when I was a kid, I gotta say, I hated ABC’s Battlestar Galactica. Glen A. Larsen’s paean to the success of Star Wars the year before reeked of rip-off, from the Colonial Fighters (X-Wings) to Baltar (Grand Moff Tarkin) to the Cylons (Darth Vader/Stormtroopers) to Starbuck (Han Solo) to Apollo (Luke Skywalker) to Adama [...]

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