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Homemade Hollywood Gets A High Five From SciFi

SciFi Channel is fun to watch, but I’ve always been partial to their magazine, the imaginitively titled SciFi Magazine: The Official Magazine of The SciFi Channel. Like many publications based primarily around movies and TV, it follows what’s hot at the moment, but it nonetheless keeps the fan’s point-of-view in mind, and always calls- a [...]

Star Wars Fan Film Updates Make It Happen

Here’s a few Star Wars-related goodies, and unusually, two of ‘em are musically inclined…. MANDALORIAN DANCE This 51-second flick, Mandalorian Dance, has been out for a little over a month, and I’ve been meaning to post it—a stop-motion animation fan film featuring Boba Fett shakin’ it loose, Flashdance-style. Made by Patrick Boivin, this had me [...]

Star Trek, Wall•E and Aquaman

Some small fan film-related items today: STAR TREK FAN FILM ZINE Don’t know how I never heard of this before, but you might want to take a look at Trekkie Central, a downloadable zine in .PDF format for Trek fan film fans. Its website is a bit of a mess, but clearly this is someone’s [...]

News: Fan Film Quarterly Going On Hiatus

The fanzine, Fan Film Quarterly, which has covered the fan film beat since fall, 2005, is going on extended hiatus with the arrival of its current issue (#7), which was released in mid-March. A member of the armed forces, editor-in-chief David Noble is being sent to Iraq for a year. “I will be shipping out [...]

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