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G.I. Joe, Spider-Man Fan Films Get Great Graphics

Jeff Hayes, the Chip Kidd of fan films, has made sleek new posters for Spider-Man and G.I. Joe fan films.

G.I. Joe Fan Film to Appear in DVD Box Set!

We’re hearing from credible sources that the popular fan film G.I. Joe and the Battle for the Serpent Stone will appear as an “extra” in the forthcoming cartoon series DVD box set, G.I. Joe A Real American Hero: Season 1.1.

Spider-Man and Harley Quinn Under The Influence

Kansas City-based Influence Films is cranking out the fan films big time, having shot an unnamed Spider-Man fan film over Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend Fan Films: G.I. Joe

GI Joe: Battle For the Serpent Stone is a fan film that was banned by the movie studio behind this summer’s upcoming feature film, but mysteriously, it’s landed on YouTube.

More Stop-Motion Animation Secrets of Star Wars Tales

In December, FCT covered Danny Mosier’s extensive fan film, Star Wars Tales, a stop-motion animated action figure flick that spins a slew of new short stories that take place in the Star Wars Universe. Mosier spent three years animating the flick, which makes him either extremely dedicated or utterly insane (or both). Speaking with FCT, [...]

Max Payne Fan Film Shot Down By Fox

These days, it almost feels like fan films are legal. Almost. Lucasfilm encourages them, and DC Comics said here on FCT that it’s fine with fan productions, but for every major company that understands the benefits of fans using its entertainment properties, there’s plenty of corporations that just don’t get it. Hasbro has forced a [...]

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