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Spider-Man: Beyond The Dark Italian Fan Film Debuts

spider-man fan film beyond the darkSuddenly in the world of fan films, Spider-Man and European fan productions are all the rage. Combining both trends, then, is Stefano Morandini’s Spider-Man: Beyond The Dark, an Italian Spidey flick which just hit YouTube. I wrote about this one a while back when it was in production.

While it features equal amounts of action and arguing (subtitled, thankfully), the short also sports a fair amount of arty symbolism, from metaphorical caskets to a dreamstate Mary Jane. Share your opinion of it below.

Peter Parker has lost everything: his girlfriend, Mary Jane, and himself. He has no more reason to fight in this life, and in this case, he wears the black suit as symbol of mourning and despair. The Hero is dead but The Man? During a fight versus his nemesis, Goblin, Peter Parker rises again.

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