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Aliens Epilogue UK Fan Film Underway

aliens epilogue fan film
The Alien franchise is beloved by many a Sci-Fi fan, but there aren’t that many related fan films out there. There’s Sandy Collora’s well-known , and Alex Popov’s CGI fest, Aliens Vs. Predator: Redemption, which is still under construction. Now you can add Darren Kemp’s Aliens Epilogue to the list.

In production since 2007, Kemp’s flick is reportedly 70 percent done now, and the team behind it hopes to finish shooting by the end of 2009.

aliens epilogue fan film 2

Basically it’s a fan film intended as an homage to the master piece that James Cameron brought to us back in 1986 that was Aliens. Aliens Epilogue picks up where Aliens finished and will see the United Kingdom Colonial Marines pitted against the Aliens. The film is entirely financed by whatever the Director happens to have in his wallet at the time which sometimes makes things difficult but we’re getting there.

So far, there’s no video available, but the website is chockablock full of photos, so take a look.

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