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Aliens Epilogue UK Fan Film Underway

Aliens Epilogue picks up where Aliens finished and will see the United Kingdom Colonial Marines pitted against the Aliens.

Coming Soon: Aliens Vs. Predator Fan Film

We’ve all seen fan films that simply don’t do justice to a popular movie franchise, but there’s also been plenty of feature films that revitalized some terrible movie series too. So here’s the $1.98 Question: Can a fan film revive a franchise that’s been almost unanimously hated from the start? Alex Popov is hoping the [...]

Book Excerpt: Building Batman: Dead End

With the nation going bonkers for The Dark Knight this week, it seems only fitting to unveil a related snippet of the upcoming fan film book, Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera. Here’s an edited-down excerpt about one of the most popular fan movies of all-time, Sandy Collora’s 2003 flick, Batman: Dead End. As regular [...]

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