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Star Trek Fan Film Feels The Pinch

pinch star trek fan filmWay back in the 1970s when I was in Second Grade, I had a Star Trek uniform shirt—an orangy tan number like Captain Kirk. I probably ruined it within days, because I barely remember it and there aren’t any photos of me in it (both a blessing and a curse). One of my classmates had a blue one like Spock, so we made a plan to wear our shirts to school the same day so we could play Trek at recess—a game that consisted mostly of me pointing at “aliens” (kids playing) and my pal giving ‘em the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.™ After our third or fourth alien, we got in trouble and had to sit out the rest of recess—because our aliens didn’t pass out; they ran to the teacher instead. Jerks.

But what if the Vulcan Nerve Pinch™ really worked? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Let’s find out, courtesy of Pinch, a fan film made a few years back by Buffalo, NY-based filmmaker Jerry MacKay of Littleflick Pictures. Good stuff, but I have to admit, the music at the end is my favorite part; people who love reality TV, however, will love the fact that Tony Bellissimo, one of the finalists from So You Think You Can Dance on FOX, appears in the record store scene. Thanks to Bryan Patrick Stoyle for the heads up!

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