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Superman is Old News in Tomorrow’s Memoir

There’s thousands of fan films out there, enough that it’s impossible to find time to watch all the “really good ones” that get raved about. Millions of people have watched the Chad Vader series, for instance, but I don’t know anyone who’s watched every episode. Nonetheless, good fan flicks tend to at least get attention, [...]

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Winners To Air This Week On Comedy Central

It’s one of those Good News, Bad News situations. As part of the annual Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge held last July at San Diego Comic Con, Lucasfilm and Atom Films promised that the winning entries would be shown on Spike TV. In the meantime, however, Atom Films has been bought by Comedy Central, so [...]

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Pre-Game, Part 2

Hey, welcome back to The Fan Cinema Today Pre-Game Show for the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Awards Ceremony! Tonight is the big event at the San Diego Comic Con, so now I’ll foolhardily try to guess who will take home the gold, even though I haven’t watched all 41 entries in the contest. Who’s [...]

News: Going Blind…Festival…And No News

There’s a few news items today, so we’ll just do ‘em in one chunk: We start with something quite newsworthy…except that we’ve been asked not to name names while the folks involved figure out what to do next, so welcome to FCT‘s first blind item ever: What fan film got hit with a cease and [...]

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