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Batman Vs. Superman – A Duel To The Death!

Batman and Superman have always had a love/hate thing going, but sometimes things just boil over in any relationship and there’s no going back to the way things used to be. Greenless Productions in Tuscon, Arizona documented one of those moments in the funniest fan film of 2008: Batman’s Bad Day, a live-action fan film [...]

2008: The Year in Batman Fan Films

Fan films were big this year, but clearly the big movie story was The Dark Knight. The feature film flew off with most of the summer box office, and now it may well do the same with upcoming awards season trinkets. Unsurprisingly, the movie lead to a lot of fan-created Batman tributes, ranging from an [...]

Superman is Old News in Tomorrow’s Memoir

There’s thousands of fan films out there, enough that it’s impossible to find time to watch all the “really good ones” that get raved about. Millions of people have watched the Chad Vader series, for instance, but I don’t know anyone who’s watched every episode. Nonetheless, good fan flicks tend to at least get attention, [...]

Batman Off The Clock (and maybe his rocker)

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a movie coming out this week about a Caped Crusader guy who fights crime and stuff. Yeah, it looks like the world has been seized by another bout of BatMania, thanks to Friday’s debut of The Dark Knight. While Batman is always portrayed as a hero—a deeply flawed, ridiculously [...]

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