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2008: The Year In Star Wars Fan Films

Boy, the year just flew by, didn’t it? In April, Fan Cinema Today came back to life after a year in slumber, and it’s been a 5-days-a-week postathon every since. This week, FCT is taking a look at some of the bigger stories it covered throughout the year, and since people make fan films about [...]

Superman and Star Wars Lead To Star Ranger 7!

I’ve mentioned Superman: The Super 8 Movie—Special Edition numerous times and I wrote about it extensively in my new book on fan films, Homemade Hollywood, but no one could actually see the movie, because it was forced offline by lawyers a decade ago. Back then, DC Comics sent a cease and desist letter to filmmaker [...]

Diving Into The Force Among Us

There aren’t many documentary fan films, but the handful that exist tend to be about fandom itself. For Star Wars buffs, Jason Wishnow’s classic Tatooine or Bust in 1997 paved the way, simply interviewing fervid fans across the U.S. as they waited to see the Special Edition re-releases. Witty and economical at 14 minutes, the [...]

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Winners To Air This Week On Comedy Central

It’s one of those Good News, Bad News situations. As part of the annual Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge held last July at San Diego Comic Con, Lucasfilm and Atom Films promised that the winning entries would be shown on Spike TV. In the meantime, however, Atom Films has been bought by Comedy Central, so [...]

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Winners Announced

We’ve been talking about it for days, and now the results are in for this year’s Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge. Presented Thursday night at the San Diego Comic Con, the seventh annual awards were a hit from the start and saw guest appearances at the podium from the likes of Kevin Spacey and Kyle [...]

Is The Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Sexist?

Voting for the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge closes out today, making this your last chance to vote for the Audience Choice Award, which will be handed out at the San Diego Comic Con, on July 24. I suspect that most of the fan film community feels the SWFMC is a good thing, but not [...]

Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Returns

Well, it’s that time of year again—the time when the voting opens up for the annual Star Wars Fan Film Awards Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge (I still like the old name better). If you wanna cast your ballot for the Audience Choice Award, vote by July 10; winners will be announced at the San [...]

Analysis: Fan Films Leading To Comic Crackdown?

One of the more interesting panels this past weekend at the New York Comic Con was closed to the public. Friday’s “Comics Publishing: Review and Outlook” featured some truly heavy-hitters, including: Paul Levitz (President & Publisher, DC Comics), whose low-key demeanor belied the fact that he was surprisingly candid with numbers (for instance, the Watchmen [...]

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