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What’s In The Box?—Fan Film or Viral Video?

The Internet is ablaze suddenly with the arrival of What’s In the Box?, a mysterious video on YouTube that is being conjectured as everything from a viral video promoting the next edition of the video game Half Life (said to be 18 months away from release) to a fan film by Dutch film students to [...]

Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Cribs Style

The last chapter of Homemade Hollywood talks about the future of fan films, and one of the things I discuss in it is how Big Media is slowly going to appropriate (OK, steal) the look and feel of fan films. It’s happened in other mediums (for example, Alternative rock and indie films), and it’s starting [...]

Fan Film Book Review: 15 Minutes of Fame

A few weeks ago, Chad Hurley, one of the co-founders of YouTube, posted his musings on the future of web video—and naturally, he felt his lil’ company would be the cornerstone of it. You can read his short posting here, but the main thing I walked away with was that 13 hours of video are [...]

It’s every fan filmmaker’s dream these days—make a flick that’s got that extra spark, that certain something that makes it blow up, going from a little video shared with your friends, to the next multi-million-view hit on YouTube. How do you get there? Well, a lot of friends and some software to game the page [...]

News: Fan-Created Ad Fad Hits Star Wars

Hasbro is jumping on the “user-created advertising” bandwagon with its new Show Us Your Lightsaber Contest, running through March 11. Entrants must make a short video clip or ad where they use–and therefore have purchased–the new Force Action Lightsaber (oooh, ahhh), and then post it to the contest’s own special YouTube group. Entries are not [...]

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