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2008: The Year in Fan Film News

Ah, the last post of 2008—and what a year it was for fan films. Fan Cinema Today has been bringing you all the news since it sputtered back to life in April, and there’s been plenty to write about. It was a year where fan films made tremendous strides forward in the public eye, with [...]

Who Killed Star Wars: The Dark Redemption?

The Dark Redemption was one of the first mega-fan films to be produced in the late 1990s—a half-hour flick with relatively high production values, and even a “real” Star Wars actor, Peter Sumner, reprising his role as Imperial Officer Lt. Pol Triedum, a minor character from the original 1977 feature film. While it had much [...]

How To Not Violate Copyrights With Your Fan Film

Let’s say you’re making a parody fan film and you decide to produce it in a way that would let you legally release and distribute it so that you could make some money from your hard work. The key would be to make sure you don’t violate anyone else’s copyrights. You change the characters’ names [...]

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