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2008: The Year in Batman Fan Films

Fan films were big this year, but clearly the big movie story was The Dark Knight. The feature film flew off with most of the summer box office, and now it may well do the same with upcoming awards season trinkets. Unsurprisingly, the movie lead to a lot of fan-created Batman tributes, ranging from an [...]

FanEdit.Org Slammed By MPAA, Soldiers On

FanEdit.Org got a DMCA warning from the MPAA last week, forcing it to remove links to fan edits (feature films that had been re-edited by fans to suit their personal tastes). The move prompted press coverage, and even some bizarre fan outcry from a blog that covers Hollywood trade unions—its beef was that the MPAA [...]

Dark Knight Fan Edit Remixes Silent Film History

There’s nothing like a massive, runaway blockbuster film to inspire tributes from fans. Sometimes they’re pretty stupid, and other times, they’re just cool. Take, for instance, Silent Shadow of the Bat-Man—a retro, 1920s Dark Knight short, made from editing together a slew of vintage silent films, such as The Bat (1926), The Man Who Laughs [...]

Gray Areas: The Alternate World of Fan Edits

“The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all.”—-Mark Twain That assessment still rings true today, and whether you’re a fan filmmaker or a professional director, few things sting more than learning that the world thinks your movie reeks like a diaper full of Doors albums. Of course, while the old [...]

Gray Areas: Deleted Magic From Star Wars

Garrett Gilchrist’s jaw-dropping documentary, Deleted Magic, is perhaps the greatest fan-created project ever, because it really does the impossible: It took a movie that I love but which I have zero desire to ever see again, and made it Brand New. And if that ain’t magic, I don’t know what is.

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