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Coming Soon: Aliens Vs. Predator Fan Film

We’ve all seen fan films that simply don’t do justice to a popular movie franchise, but there’s also been plenty of feature films that revitalized some terrible movie series too. So here’s the $1.98 Question: Can a fan film revive a franchise that’s been almost unanimously hated from the start? Alex Popov is hoping the [...]

Book Excerpt: Building Batman: Dead End

With the nation going bonkers for The Dark Knight this week, it seems only fitting to unveil a related snippet of the upcoming fan film book, Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera. Here’s an edited-down excerpt about one of the most popular fan movies of all-time, Sandy Collora’s 2003 flick, Batman: Dead End. As regular [...]

Analysis: Get A Clue An Idea

One aspect of fan films that is continually surprising is how many filmmakers absolutely refuse to take the easy way out—not necessarily in effects or budget, but in the sheer scope of their projects. Sometimes it’s like a kindergartner deciding to paint his own version of the Sistine Chapel using finger paints; you have to [...]

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