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Gray Areas: The Cult of the Amateur

Over the last few days, I’ve been reading an intriguing book, The Cult of the Amateur, by Andrew Keen (Currency/Doubleday); it doesn’t come out until June, but it’s bound to make a splash in certain circles when it does. The subtitle is “How Today’s Internet Is Killing Our Culture,” and the basic gist is that [...]

News: Fan-Created Ad Fad Hits Star Wars

Hasbro is jumping on the “user-created advertising” bandwagon with its new Show Us Your Lightsaber Contest, running through March 11. Entrants must make a short video clip or ad where they use–and therefore have purchased–the new Force Action Lightsaber (oooh, ahhh), and then post it to the contest’s own special YouTube group. Entries are not [...]

Analysis Update: Super Bowl ‘Fan Ads’ A Hit

Last week, I discussed the four “fan-created” ads that were shown amongst much hoopla at the Super Bowl, musing how that might affect fan filmmakers. Noting that many people make fan productions as calling cards in hopes of breaking into movies, TV and advertising, I remarked, “For now, this barrage of ‘fan-made ads’ is likely [...]

Analysis: "Fan"-Made Ads at Super Bowl

The big buzz for the last year has been about content created by the masses, leading Time Magazine to name “You” as the Person of the Year for 2006, and Advertising Age to award last year’s Ad Agency of the Year to “The Consumer.” While fan filmmakers have spent years creating content often perceived as [...]

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