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News: Star Trek Fan Film Premiere Screening

Monday is usually ‘News Day’ at FCT, but we have a late-breaking story today: Starship Farragut, the long-awaited and much-hyped Star Trek fan series, will premiere its first episode with a public screening, followed by a Q&A panel, at this weekend’s Farpoint 2007 Sci-Fi Convention in Baltimore. The series’ pilot, The Captaincy, is based around [...]

Analysis Update: Super Bowl ‘Fan Ads’ A Hit

Last week, I discussed the four “fan-created” ads that were shown amongst much hoopla at the Super Bowl, musing how that might affect fan filmmakers. Noting that many people make fan productions as calling cards in hopes of breaking into movies, TV and advertising, I remarked, “For now, this barrage of ‘fan-made ads’ is likely [...]

Review: Batman Vs. Star Trek

The most memorable scene in Stand By Me, at least for me, is the one where the kids argue as to who would win in a fight: Superman or Mighty Mouse? We’ve all had that kind of conversation at some point or another. Once you get a bit older, the questions change to “Ginger or [...]

News: Pink Five Cameos In New Star Wars Novel

The rumors are true: Everyone’s favorite Valley-Girl-in-space, Stacey from the Pink Five fan film trilogy, turns up in the new Star Wars novel, Allegiance, by Timothy Zahn. Since the Pink Five movies present info that alters your perception of the original Star Wars trilogy, Zahn returns the favor, casting a new light on Stacey’s relationship [...]

News: Fanboy Theatre Returns

After eight months lost in the woods (or something like that), Fanboy Theatre returned in January, bringing with it lots of updates on the world of superhero fan productions. While it may not be the easiest site to read (I’ve always been a big fan of paragraphing, but that’s just me), it’s one of the [...]

Gray Areas: Lucasfilm Backyard Film Contest

Wanna start an argument between fan filmmakers? Ask ‘em what constitutes a fan film. And if you want to see that argument escalate into a brawl (and really, who doesn’t?), inquire whether “fan films” made by professionals count–you know, flicks like the upcoming Star Trek: Of Gods And Men, featuring nearly every Trek actor that [...]

Analysis: "Fan"-Made Ads at Super Bowl

The big buzz for the last year has been about content created by the masses, leading Time Magazine to name “You” as the Person of the Year for 2006, and Advertising Age to award last year’s Ad Agency of the Year to “The Consumer.” While fan filmmakers have spent years creating content often perceived as [...]

Who Watches The Watchmen Fan Films?

Watchmen is a relic of the 1980s, but unlike your secret stash of Gloria Estefan tapes, it’s stood the test of time. A collaboration between writer Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons and colorist John Higgins, the limited comic book series about decommissioned superheroes was quickly collected into graphic novel format where it has since become [...]

News: Fan Film Director Helms American Pie 5

The goal of many fan film directors is to eventually, somehow, helm a major motion picture. While there’s been a few folks who made the jump to working in “real” films in various capacities, no one has made the leap to the director’s chair…except Joe Nussbaum, who helmed the classic fan film, George Lucas In [...]

Gray Areas: Deleted Magic From Star Wars

Garrett Gilchrist’s jaw-dropping documentary, Deleted Magic, is perhaps the greatest fan-created project ever, because it really does the impossible: It took a movie that I love but which I have zero desire to ever see again, and made it Brand New. And if that ain’t magic, I don’t know what is.

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