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Stan Lee, Star Trek, Forgotten Realms and RED:
Fan Cinema Today’s Week In Tweets

If you follow the Fan Cinema Today Twitter feed, you already know that you get extra stories that don’t appear on the blog; everyone else is missing out on that extra fan film awesomeness. On the other hand, I hate to see a good thing go to waste, so here’s some Tweets of the Week. [...]

TODAY ONLY: FREE Filmmaking Book Giveaway!

Michael Wiese was the producer of the legendary Hardware Wars (George Lucas’ favorite Star Wars parody!), but these days, he runs a great publishing company that specializes in books about filmmaking, screenwriting, video production and more. They’re very accessible, written by pros, and for the next 24 hours (April 30-May 1), he’s GIVING AWAY BOOKS! [...]

Make A Fan Film, Win A Trip To Florida!

In an amazing case of irony, The Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness is fighting copyright infringement by holding a fan film contest at The movie industry has long considered fan films to be huge copyright violations, but the Trust doesn’t, and is encouraging people to make short movie tribute films. Best of all, [...]

Borders Wants Your Janet Evanovich Fan Films

Borders Bookstores have always been among my favorites: They have a killer magazine rack, good bargains on the kiddie books, my pal Lowell works at one, and hey, I’m not above pointing out that my book, Homemade Hollywood, is currently available at a Borders near you. Today, they announced something kinda cool: a Janet Evanovich [...]

What’s In The Box?—Fan Film or Viral Video?

The Internet is ablaze suddenly with the arrival of What’s In the Box?, a mysterious video on YouTube that is being conjectured as everything from a viral video promoting the next edition of the video game Half Life (said to be 18 months away from release) to a fan film by Dutch film students to [...]

BotCon To Hold Transformers Fan Film Contest

Transformers have been around for 25 years, and they’ve had a fan film link from the very start. Not only have zillions of kids tried their hand at stop-motion animation using their Transformer robots, but Don Glut, one of the pioneer fan filmmakers of the 1950s and 60s who was profiled in my fan film [...]

Homemade Hollywood Gets A High Five From SciFi

SciFi Channel is fun to watch, but I’ve always been partial to their magazine, the imaginitively titled SciFi Magazine: The Official Magazine of The SciFi Channel. Like many publications based primarily around movies and TV, it follows what’s hot at the moment, but it nonetheless keeps the fan’s point-of-view in mind, and always calls- a [...]

Homemade Hollywood is Up for a Rondo Award!

Homemade Hollywood, my tome on the history of fan films, has been nominated for a Rondo Award for “Best Book of 2008!” There is a lot of intriguing stuff nominated this year, and to be honest, I don’t expect to win, but I’ll still give it try. If you enjoyed the book, please take a [...]

Star Wars: Revelations Director Gives Trenches A Sneak Peek This Weekend!

Trenches, the long-awaited webseries from Shane Felux, will get a sneak peek this weekend at Maryland’s Farpoint Convention, screening Friday at 10PM, and Saturday at 11AM, followed by a Q&A panel. If you aren’t familiar with Trenches or it only vaguely rings a bell, you’re not alone. Felux made a big splash in 2005 with [...]

Little Kids Recreate Pulp Fiction, Win Film Fest Award

The Sixth Annual Oxford Film Fest was held this past weekend—in Mississippi, not England—and like most independent movie festivals, it handed out awards for things like Best Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Narrative, and so forth. And then there was The Greasy Spoon Award for Best Performance by an Oxford Resident in the Recreation of a Diner [...]

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